Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Batik shirts

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 Batik shirts

If we know so far only for batik cloth, cotton cloth and silk, but now batik evolved toward a contemporary fashion aimed at young people who tend to be casual style.One of which is a batik shirt. Many artists and fashion industry create unique batik designs on t-shirts. As the changing times and fashions designs are increasingly diverse, batik shirt was chosen because of making it easier, faster, more efficient and batik shirt enthusiasts even more increased from day to day.

way of making batik shirts:

1.Similar to batik fabric that supplies everything from frying pan, colander, and candles or canting batik night to be ready. Find the most comfortable position for batik with stools for sitting and gawangan and anglo (fire) is ready to launch the process of batik.

2.Subsequently prepare a plain shirt and start to make batik top. Because the shirt fabric absorbs water easier and easier to be color and painting. So batik could also suit your taste, not as complicated as batik on fabric that requires extra patience. Paint shirt with the basic pattern and then describe the unique designs such as a spark tonight, dots, or lines that combine on the basis of previous batik patterns

3.For the next process,layered motif that has been made ​​on the key screen printing t-shirts with a liquid that does not fade when washed batik.

4.After batik process is completed, dry the batik that had formed on the shirts. If it is considered quite dry, then wash the shirt with water so that there is dirt on the shirt is missing.

5.for dyeing shirts to colored shirts are not just white, soak the shirt in the dye bath containing the fabric a few hours. After that lift and dry with the sun. That made ??the shirt ironed and ready to use for your daily life.

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