Friday, 18 June 2010



Angklung is an Indonesian traditional musical instrument is very simple and has been known for centuries. Angklung music instrument made of bamboo comes from the view of the agrarian life of the Sundanese community with the life which is based on staple foods such as rice,was born from myth at Nji Pohaci as Dewi Sri. Dewi Sri giver of life, contemplation Sundanese community in managing the former Agriculture, mainly agricultural fields and plantations has produced a song lyric as a tribute and a gift to Nyi Sri Pohaci  and as reinforcements in order to reject they are not farming will bring disaster. In fact the songs are accompanied by sound drum made of bamboo rods are made of simple and then we all know by name angklung. Angklung music instrument consists of three bamboo tubes suspended from a row. How to play with shaken or shaken-shake. All three tubes were set up with an octave difference in tone, or you have arranged with the tone of do-mi-sol.Jenis bamboo used for this instrument is the bamboo black and white bamboo. The size of the bamboo tubes for angklung instruments also differ. Determine its size high-low tone sounds. It is not known exactly when this angklung created. Apart from West Java, musical instruments angklung (or similar angklung) is also known in other areas, such as in Bali and Banyuwangi. In Balinese mythology, angklung comes from the word "Angk" meaning number or tone and "lung", which means lost. In Bali, a different way of playing Angklung. Bamboo tubes hung by his side and was beaten with a stick. Whereas in the renowned Angklung Banyuwangi carok. In this area, angklung played with a dial tone to connect.                                                        


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