Saturday, 5 June 2010

Geringsing Cloth

Geringsing Cloth

Geringsing Cloth the famous  manufactured in Bali at the Bali Aga village - Tenganan, Bali. What makes this unique is woven tie technique in lusi both (length of cloth) or pakan (width of fabric). Usually in the manufacture of woven fabrics, but only a part of yarn, most of the feed are tied. Like on the process of weaving another, this bonding technique is intended to create motifs on the fabric. So can imagine, it takes patience and a very high accuracy for the manufacture of woven fabric with double-bundle technique is. Accuracy for the pair so that when the cloth was colored motifs, can generate the expected motifs. Geringsing religious function in the fabric is stronger than the protective function of the body. Because in the past, Balinese customs usually do not use the breastplate. Although they also have a traditional dress kebaya. If there is a certain ceremony, then the people decorated themselves, kemben fabric used in women not to cover the chest, but to lift the chest to make it look beautiful. This geringsing cloth woven by the people of Bali Aga one of them is to resist disease. Geringsing fabric comes from Gering said that means sickness or disease. sing means no. So geringsing fabric serves to resist disease. As to the coloration of a traditional cloth before the time of industrialization, the colors can be produced from natural materials, such as the red color obtained from noni roots, while black is obtained by soaking a cloth in the hazelnut oil is mixed with wood ash and lye.


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