Sunday, 6 June 2010

Kelom geulis

 Kelom geulis
Kelom geulis taken from Sundanese language is the local language Tasikmalaya (West Java), which means it is a beautiful wooden sandals. The form is beautiful with interesting carvings, making this much-loved women's sandals women. The maker of the craftsmen in Tasikmalaya, West Java. Tasikmalaya residents call this lady slippers Kelom Geulis.The stories, crafts Kelom geulis appear around the thirties and many are produced as a home industry. Numerous in the central production Kersanegara Village, Mulyasari, Setiamulya, Sukahurip and Sumelap or in Keamatan Cibeureum and Taman sari. In addition there are also many areas Linggajaya Mangkubumi district. Kelom geulis characteristic mahogany with carved and unique embroidery Tasikmalaya, mahogany wood and then cut to shape Kelom will be made. Furthermore, planed wood so shaped footwear. Shavings  process  is done manually by skilled craftsmen who have, so the pair produced Kelom not differ in size. Wood that has been planed and trimmed with a machete. This work must be done carefully because it is a result of the job at hand. Pieces of wood that has been shaped footwear then dried by drying under the hot sun. When the rainy season, drying process carried out with the help of the oven. Furthermore, the material that has been dried mashed Kelom using grinding, making it look its wood fiber. Material Kelom then given priming. Priming is aimed at eliminating the pores of wood, then painted in a way Kelom material is sprayed. Kelom material that has been painted and then dried. After drying, the material formed Kelom making it look more beautiful. As binding to the foot, Kelom given string. Various types of ropes made specifically for this kelom geulis. There's even a unique form of embroidery Tarlac.


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