Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Kasongan Earthenware

Kasongan Earthenware

One regional shopping destination souvenirs in Yogyakarta is in Kasongan, Bantul. This area is famous for its pottery cottage industry. Audiences who may not understand is the land that made pottery at Kasongan is not a ground Kasongan, but (one) of land from Godean, west of Yogyakarta. Strangely in Godean own, the land engineered form of roof tiles and in Kasongan become household appliances. The character of this rugged land and the high sand content, is also not able to be engineered for high fire techniques, such as glazes hot combustion requires more than 1000 degrees Celsius. Yogyakarta soil will crack at temperatures over 800 degrees Celsius. Therefore, these products tend to be thick and Kasongan is growing outdoor products.Kasongan Earthenware become more attractive in line with the development of the lifestyle and the influence of the buyer from outside of Yogyakarta or Indonesia. Still not far from the original barrel, pot, and others to into a barrel and pots bali style, Japanese style, Chinese style, and emerged a new design such as lamp shades, pucukan roof, with a variety of styles. All new style almost without polish pottery aka Raw , but the local style painted colors still exist by using various techniques such as in brush, scraped, resulting paint, etc.. Ceramic pottery enthusiasts say this kind - which is painted - a low value and old fashioned. But local aesthetic move. Yogyakarta land is different wih soil Malang, East Java, or Sukabumi in West Java, which can directly be burned with high temperature was so taken from the rivers. Instinct to decorate, beautify, and entertaining always move with the development of mankind and the dynamics habitualnya. Soil characteristic Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta society that is open and dynamic, the desire to imitate the creative power that make Yogyakarta always longed to visit again.


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