Friday, 21 May 2010

Asmat Sculpture

Asmat Sculpture

 Asmat sculpture which is the original wood carving works in the district of Asmat, Papua was already famous beauty to all corners of the world, especially among antique collectors of cultural goods. Asmat sculpture created as a true custom and religious ritual equipment Asmat residing in the interior of Papua. Therefore, the collector who wants to get the original sculpture must be willing to penetrate the forest interior. Hard struggle that makes the selling price of Asmat sculpture soared. Asmat tribe in Papua has been known to carve the world with skills since 1700. Asmat Art at the carving is a form of belief in ancestral spirits. According to tradition, once symbolized asmat ancestor in the form of sculpture and carvings. The sculptures are made by rough and once used in certain religious ceremonies and then left in a swamp. This is a manifestation of the spirits who live to maintain the forest and sago palm tree which is the main food source of the Asmat people in Papua. In the Dutch colonial era, Asmat sculpture judged as primitive objects and the form of trust against evil spirits, would eventually become known and stored in a number of museums in the world.


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