Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bali silver

Bali Silver

Bali is one of the many islands in Indonesia, which have diverse beauty. Admittedly not many people come to Bali only to enjoy the beauty of an exotic culture. One of them is Bali Silver jewelry that is already global. Many travelers, whether foreign or domestic, come to Bali only to hunt silver, ranging from a silver necklace, silver earrings, silver bracelet, or even miniature made from Silver. Silver art is part of Balinese culture which is derived from generation to have a Bali silver generasi. Bali silver jewelry design have varied, ranging from the simple to the most complicated. Bali silver products have a life of its own, namely, thick shape, with accuracy rates up three-dimensional motifs and characters, as well as more solid than the order form. Bali silver product production process relies on the beauty and skill of the hand (handmade), is highly favored foreign tourists. Because hand-made factors, the Bali silver price is relatively high, reaching millions. Moon Stone region (border of Denpasar and Gianyar) until Celuk village famous as a paradise of Bali silver.


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