Saturday, 15 May 2010

Flores Woven Tie

Flores wovenTie

Flores has the typical handicrafts of the most famous of which is woven cloth with its charming motifs and decorative wide on each region. You must be captivated when he first stared directly exotic motives and woven tie fabric Flores.
Each region displays Flores and decorative styles and different colors. Diversity woven tie motifs Flores is not only limited to artistic creation, but also considering making a symbol of social status, religious, cultural and economy. Expertise to make woven tie from generation to generation and has been studied since they were childrens. One tradition of women weavers was interesting is the habit of betel consuming throughout the day during weaving. Woven tie fabric for the inhabitants of Flores serves as blankets or scarves for men and sarongs for women. Blanket or shawl that also functions as a cover corpse. Woven tie Flores made with basic ingredients that twined by cotton weavers themselves. The yarn rough and dyed indigo blue and adorned with decorative motifs and containing the philosophical values, its use is intended for matters relating to customs and culture. Flores woven fabric woven with a very traditional loom tradition made such a valuable heritage


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