Saturday, 15 May 2010

Samarinda Sarong

Samarinda Sarong

Samarinda sarong is not just an identity but also as another meaning of history. From the skilled hands for generations to process a string of yarn into a piece of cloth used in many moments. At the time of prayer, weddings, cultural events as well as a souvenir or gift from the city Samarinda.Ragam typical color pattern is distinctive in appearance, described the character of the people of Samarinda, East Kalimantan's capital as a plural and harmonious society. The motive of the most widely applied is the hornbill motifs, Dayak carvings and motif dayak etc. This sarong weaving craft was originally brought by immigrant Bugis from Sulawesi, who resided on the left side of the Mahakam (now a Samarinda Seberang). Loom used by the craftsmen is the traditional tool is called "Gedokan". Products produced for the first (one) sarong took three weeks.


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