Thursday, 20 May 2010

Geulis Umbrella (beautiful umbrella) of Tasikmalaya

Geulis Umbrella (beautiful umbrella) of Tasikmalaya

Tasikmalaya City mascot symbol use geulis umbrellas because umbrellas are very typical of traditional manufacturing, frame and handhold using bamboo. Lid use paper later in the paint as a decorative hand painted by a skilled expert and sly. Maybe because it was used for decades to make this umbrella. Art becomes the one thing that can not be separated from the geulis umbrella. This umbrella has an advantage in terms of a rich display of color, intricate and manufacture of high complexity. Geulis One geulis umbrella is the result of cooperation from seven different people are craftsmen specializing in the production order, cultivation, mounting paper, the initial painting, ornament painting, installation of additional accessories and finishing. Complicated is not it? But this is the elegance of a typical geulis umbrella of Tasikmalaya


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