Friday, 14 May 2010



Blangkon actually other forms of headgear made from batik fabrics used in men as a part of Javanese traditional clothes blangkon For some types there that use a lump on the back blangkon called mondholan. Mondholan this indicates that the male hair models who often tie their long hair in the back of the head, so that the protruding section in the back Blangkon. Hair coil should be tight so that there is not easily separated. No historical records that could explain the origin of Javanese men wearing headbands or headscarves ini.There is one interesting story about Blangkon which states that any use of blangkon an influence, Hindu and Islamic culture absorbed by people Java. According to experts, the Islamic people who go to Java, which consists of two ethnic Chinese descendants from Mainland China and the merchants of Gujarat. Gujarat traders are people of Arab descent, they always wore a turban, the length and width of cloth tied around their heads. This turban is to inspire java people to wear headgear like those of arab descent


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