Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Coconut shell

 Coconut shell

You know the shell coconut? For most people may not be useful coconut shell. Coconut shell when in fact it is very useful to be made crafts.
Who would have thought to capitalize on the modified shell waste with other ingredients makes this product a valuable art and preferably. Coconut shell crafts to be lots souvenirs with a variety of forms. Ranging from women's accessories such as tongs, photo frame, to household items like spoons and bowls.
With the touch of a very fine art, handicrafts, coconut shell looks very artistic. Even the results of this coconut shell crafts can be a variety of bags of various shapes (models) and sizes, various forms of model rail curtains, lamp cup, cap, beads/buttons, and others.

The materials needed to make a craft from coconut shell is quite easy to get, such as glue, wood, coconut shell, putty, melamine, sandpaper and paint. In addition texwood framework is also needed to be made craft products such as small tables and cabinets plastered exterior coconut shell. To make it look artistic, fiber from coconut shell must find, because of the inherent fiber strength and artistic value


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